Tamara Pierre-Louis paints acrylic artworks with a mixture of styles: figurative, abstract, and contemporary. A course on mixed techniques has put the spotlight on her need to create pieces in relief. Since taking this course, Tamara Pierre-Louis has systematically integrated diverse materials into her paintings: cardboard, wood, pieces of metal, and finally, leather, which has become her favorite material because it lets her create sculptures within her paintings. Tamara Pierre-Louis works instinctively and spontaneously: she starts a painting most often by painting the eyes, which will transmit an emotion or a particular message to spectators.

The primary subject of her artworks is women of the world. Through each painting, Tamara Pierre-Louis helps people explore the wealth of diversity by showcasing women from various communities. Openness to the world and diversity are important values to her. This can be explained in part by her own cultural background: indeed, she was born in Quebec with Haitian and Polish ancestries.

Through her paintings, Tamara PL tells a story of accepted, independent women who take their place in society. She tries through her paintings to deliver a message: the importance of realizing oneself in life and to be proud of the differences that make us unique human beings. Tamara Pierre-Louis tries to share equally the values that are important to her: freedom of action, equity, inclusion, cultural diversity, authenticity, justice, and the realization of oneself.